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2010-01-05 20:08:15 by CWN

I just replied to newspost on Badman's site, and it made me think things over a little.
I've decided to upload samples of songs here, for reviewing purposes.
Sometime soon I will get to updating my site, just been insanely busy.

Album is about 15% done, I've recorded 5 songs instrumentally, 3 with vocals already. Which I'm not quite satisfied with. So I'll have to do them again. Meh.

No more Newgrounds.

2009-11-29 09:38:03 by CWN

I've decided to close my Newgrounds account. Gonna try to get it deleted over the next few days. (or at least get my songs taken down)

I've found numerous sites where people have uploaded my music and claim it as their own. The music was taken from As I've never uploaded it anywhere else. Even if you offer stuff for free, you still get fucked.
Not cool.

So, I give my thanks out to all the NG people I met. I have learned a lot and heard some cool tunes.
Take care!

No Vocals

2009-11-20 05:19:09 by CWN

I'm sick, severe soar throat etc. so vocals will have to wait.
Gives me time to make some more instrumental tracks and write some lyrics!

OK, this time I'm REALLY back.

2009-10-31 06:20:44 by CWN

Hey people.
Sorta disappeared right after I came back there... Moved to a new city, started studying, all a big mess, no time and stuff. I need to update my website really badly, still says I'm coming back in July. Haha

Been working heavily on my guitar and drum sound. Basically i started from scratch again. Probably going to submit a test soon, any comment would be great.

FINALLY ordered myself a BASS yesterday. Ibanez BTB-675 RTF series. Very sexy. Have already played one, it's great.
And YES.
I've been selling ALL OF YOU LIES. The bass in all of my songs is FAKE. Yup. Just a crappy old garageband instrument. hahahahha
Can't wait to hear my seongs with a real bass.

I'm back.

2009-07-27 07:07:25 by CWN

Yup, after 4 months i have finally returned.
New song up.

It's that time again....

2009-03-19 10:19:34 by CWN

For me to leave on another trip. 4 months on a big container ship... Never been away that long... oh well. I'll have a lot of time to make some music. haha

Until then, enjoy the following:

The Whisperer Collab with BuryYourFace

DjBjra and me teamed up for the MAC competition. Children's song! CHECK IT OUT!

Been working on my website:
Playing Piano On Your Teeth
It's not finished, but already looks cool!


P.S. I bought myself a cheap violin and will attempt to teach myself to play on the trip. lol?

New song and 100 favs!

2009-02-11 23:21:59 by CWN

Just uploaded a completely new song! Check it out, it's called 'Hangover'. That's what the lyrics are about, too.
Currently also working on a collab with BuryYourFace. The instrumentals are done, it sounds absolutely AWESOME. No. really. Epicness.

100 people added me to their favorites! Just hit mark 100!

New song and 100 favs!


2009-01-26 12:51:38 by CWN

MAN, whoever put me there, thanks a bunch!
Never been on the front page!
:D :D :D
Totally awesome... I was wondering why i was getting reviews all of a sudden lol!


Oh yeah by the way, UPLOADED TWO NEW SONG!
A heavy one... and an acoustic version of 'seasons changing' (OMFG!)


All the songs are up!

2009-01-11 07:14:26 by CWN

Ok. All of the songs I remastered are up.
Enjoy the 6 songs of death!

Just added a NEW SONG! The vocalized version of GRINDING DEATH.
Fits perfectly to the inauguration of Obama. Bam.


2009-01-05 09:57:49 by CWN

OK. All songs with the new logo are either new or remastered!
Uploaded 5 songs already:
Knife In My Hand, Rain Down, Too Long, Soiled and When I'm gone.

Leave some reviews, since I uploaded them, nothing has really been happening!